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Visionalaya Technology is an initiation by student entrepreneurs, IT professionals and Engineers, with the goal of digitizing Nepal. In the present situation, the prospect of Information Technology has been recognized globally. However, in Nepal, we still lack infrastructures for digitization. Visionalaya Technology walks with a vision to change all of that. Come and join our efforts to create a digital Nepal.


Trinity Package Workshops

Trinity Package Workshops are intuitive training programs organized by Visionalaya Technology partnering with the Government of Nepal based educational institutions. We integrate Information Technology, Computer Science and Personality Development in our 3-day training program for students, teachers and public service officers.

Eminent Site

Managed and operated by experienced IT professionals, Eminent Site is a service to provide eminent WordPress themed websites to our dear clients. Treat yourself with a secure and a good-looking website today.

Idea Mela

Idea Mela is a mega event for the student entrepreneurs to discuss ideas, present them and network with like minded people in a 2-day gathering. Bring the best of yourself and join us in the pursuit of creating a robust family full of brave initiators.

Visionalaya HR & Admin Solutions

Bringing out experienced HR officers and Administrators to shape your new company is something we would like to do. Our month-long consultation program ensures establishment of Organizational Culture, HR practices and Policy Development. Book your dates by contacting us now.

Visionalaya Web

We not only provide trainings and websites but our brilliant team of developers work day and night to develop some of the best products for the market. Our current products are under development and should be available by the end of 2020. Please contact us for hearing about our product plans and take an exclusive look at prototypes.

Visionalaya Counseling and Growth

If you are a young developer, IT student or a student entrepreneur, join our communities from the links provided on our contact page. We connect different experts and hold daily counseling/interaction session for more than 4 hours at a time. Clear your queries, understand our market and connect with our family with Visionalaya Counseling and Growth Server.



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Madhyapur Thimi - 7, Devnagar Sundarbasti, Bhaktapur

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